United States

Austal USA Advanced Technologies

Austal USA Advanced Technologies, formerly ElectraWatch, Inc., is a leader in cutting-edge technology implementation for defense and maritime applications. 

Advanced Technologies is spearheading the effort to revolutionize the U.S. Navy’s supply chain through the implementation of additive manufacturing for castings, forgings, and fittings. Leading a team of industry partners, Advanced Technologies operates the Navy’s Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence, the U.S. Navy’s flagship for additive manufacturing and the construction of the next generation of ships and boats. This mid-Atlantic technology center in Austal USA’s portfolio reinforces the company’s position as a global leader in advanced ship manufacturing and sustainment.

Advanced Technologies also seeks out and engages with innovative product manufacturers to progress solutions, meeting new customer requirements. Among the results of these efforts is the VikoDeck thermal mitigation system, designed and manufactured by Vipo, that has been installed on EPF 13 and later. With VikoDeck installed, V-22 Ospreys can perform vertical takeoff and landing operations from the deck of EPFs without a negative impact from the heat from V-22 engines’ exhaust.

Austal USA is committed to investing in future capabilities to continue expanding post-delivery support and sustainment offerings, while also supporting multiple shipbuilders, maintenance providers, and the U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, Royal Navy, and Royal Australian Navy across a broad range of military ships deployed in the U.S. and ally fleets.