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Austal Team at 2019 St Jude Walk

Austal in the Community

The company believes a strong community is essential for a corporate industrial base and as the region’s largest industrial employer, Austal USA is committed to meeting the challenge.

Austal USA’s annual corporate giving program provides nearly $700,000 to key state and local community initiatives targeting STEAM (science/technology/engineering/arts/math), economic development, social programs targeting youth development, health and fitness both preventive and recovery, the homeless, aid to military families and our veterans.

In 2012, Austal USA first teamed up with their current and potential vendors to raise money for United Way of Southwest Alabama. The Austal USA Charity Golf Invitational resulted from this partnership effort.  Austal has raised over $1.75 million for the United Way between the golf event and employee donations.

The company is also the number one financial sponsor for the local Chamber of Commerce and supports legacy institutions like the Boys and Girls Clubs and new and emerging organizations like Fuse Project, a group of local philanthropic young professionals dedicated to raising money for youth, leadership, and city improvement projects.

The Austal Volunteer Network (AVN) is an internal mechanism that offers opportunities to Austal employees to volunteer in the local community. Enjoyable and rewarding projects are available throughout the year that include Habitat for Humanity builds, American Cancer Society events, Heart Walk, toy drives, robotic competitions and dozens of other charity events for various causes.